After some close calls in the mountains and almost being swept away by a remotely triggered avalanche on a trip that was perfectly planned and 100% safe, I thought, I realised that I had to learn more about avalanches and human decision making in the backcountry. So it became a passion!

I am a father to two wonderful kids and together with them and my partner we live in the beautiful city of Tromsø, Norway 69˙ north. Originally from Germany I immediately fell in love with the North Norwegian Nature and people when I came here almost 20 years ago.

Since for me the best way to learn is to teach others, I decided to become a certified avalanche instructor (NF) and teach courses for the Norwegian Trekking Association (DNT). I recently started my PhD on teaching decision making in avalanche terrain at CARE – Center for Avalanche Research and Education at the UiT – The Arctic University of Norway.

I am also co-owner of Tromso Powder Guides, an avalanche education and backcountry skills course provider based in Tromsø, Norway. Here we offer traditional avalanche courses and seasonal courses where we provide coaching and mentoring for everyone.