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Hi – I’m Tim, the avalanche philosopher.

I like to ski good snow, steep. I also like to come home to my partner and two kids.

Here at my website it is all about the relation between humans and nature, and how to find good and safe snow.

My aim is to enhance avalanche safety and education through philosophy in a way that is understandable for everyone. Using avalanche terrain as a micro cosmos for making better decisions in the backcountry and in everyday life.

I’ll share research, practical tips, reflections, tools, thoughts and some hands on tutorials regarding all things avalanche. Some will be in English and some in Norwegian.

Head over to the blog and check out the latest entries!

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Contribute to avalanche research: Join the CARE panel!

We at the Center for Avalanche Research and Education (CARE) at UiT the Arctic University of Norway want to follow 10 000 people for 10 years in order to gain knowledge about how we make decisions in avalanche terrain, and what we can do to reduce avalanche fatalities. Klick on picture to join!

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Hvordan ta gode beslutninger som gruppe?

Når vi ferdes i skredterreng skal vi beherske mange ting. Vi skal kunne utføre kameratredning, gjenkjenne skredterreng, analysere og tolke snøen og følge med på beslutningsprosessene i gruppa. Mens det finnes godt utprøvde og etablerte metoder for hvordan kameratredning skal gjøres, fantastiske verktøy får å finne ut om vi er i terreng hvor vi enten … Continue reading Hvordan ta gode beslutninger som gruppe?

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